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Our Artists

Meet our exceptionally talented artists from JLPL Gaunda Punjab. The best names that have emerged on top by performing exceptionally well in the show showcasing amazing talent with their mind blowing performances.

Deep Sandeep

Exceptionally talented singer mastering the genres of folk, sad and romantic music. A poetry lover, Deep Sandeep is a talented artist with a powerful voice that connects deep with the soul.


Hailing from Jalandhar, Taniya is an Exceptionally talented artist, Taniya although her forte is devotional songs she excels in all kinds of genres.

Vicky Mann

Hailing from the small village of Dhirekot near Amritsar Vicky is an amazing artist with mind blowing talent and a strong belief in the power of destiny.

Simranjeet Kaur

Ready to make her mark in the vibrant music industry of Punjab Simranjeet Kaur is a talented singer excelling in qawwalis, ghazals, and folk songs, showcasing a diverse talent.

Sherry Deep

Sherry Deep is the first in her family to delve into the world of singing. With unwavering support from her family, she has embraced the musical realm with determination and her voice echoes encouragement in every note.

Amarpreet Kaur

Amarpreet, a dedicated music enthusiast, has centered her life around the enchanting world of melodies. The magic of music captivated Amarpreet at the tender age of 4 when a song resonated deep within her soul.


Avir, a singer hailing from Ludhiana, Punjab, commenced his musical journey in the nurturing environment of his home. It was under the guidance of his father that Avir's musical abilities blossomed, sparked by inspiration and enriched through dedicated training.

Shani Shah

Hello everyone! My name is Shani Shah, and I hail from a small village near Faridkot called Arayan Wala Khurd. In my family, the musical talent runs deep, with my Father and Chacha ji both possessing incredible singing abilities.